Karen Toohey is the Discrimination Commissioner.

The Commissioner’s role under the Discrimination Act is to take complaints of unlawful discrimination under the Act. Unlawful discrimination occurs when someone is:

  • Treated unfavourably
  • Because of a protected attribute; and
  • This occurs in public life.

An example of unlawful discrimination is when someone is refused service at a restaurant because of their race.

If you believe you have been unlawfully discriminated against, you can make a complaint.

The Commissioner’s role is also to

  • Promote an understanding and acceptance of, and compliance with the Act
  • Undertake research and develop educational and other programs to promote the objectives of the Act
  • Review the consistency of ACT laws with the Act and report to the Attorney-General; respond to requests by the Attorney-General to examine possible inconsistencies in proposed laws with the Act
  • Advise the Attorney-General on any matter relevant to the Act’s operation.