Welcome to the ACT Human Rights Commission

The role of the ACT Human Rights Commission is to resolve complaints and promote rights. We:

  • Provide an independent, fair and accessible process for resolving individual complaints;
  • Promote service improvement;
  • Promote the human rights and welfare of people; and
  • Foster understanding of particular legislation.

The ACT Human Rights Commission includes:

  • The Children & Young People Commissioner
  • The Disability & Community Services Commissioner
  • The Discrimination Commissioner
  • The Health Services Commissioner
  • The Human Rights Commissioner

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Latest News

  • group of men talking

    • HR Commissioner’s analysis of Consorting Laws

    • The ACT Human Rights Commissioner has provided her views regarding the ACT Government’s proposed new anti-consorting laws. http://hrc.act.gov.au/humanrights/policy-systemic-work/law-reform-consultation-responses/djacs-discussion-paper-consorting-laws-act-june-2016/

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    • Commission Restructure

    • From 1 April 2016, the ACT Human Rights Commission will encompass its existing functions, as well as the functions of […]

  • Together by Krystal Hurst

    • Deadlyadvice.hrc.act.gov.au

    • The ACT Human Rights and Discrimination Commissioner and Women’s Legal Centre have launched a new Online Legal Toolkit for Aboriginal and […]