Victims Support ACT

Victim Support ACT provides support and financial assistance to people who experience crime in the ACT. We provide a range of free and confidential services to individuals and their families.

Victim Services can help you to recover from an experience of crime. For example, we can link you with a free counsellor or other support service you might need. We can also help to guide you through the criminal justice process. Our friendly and professional case managers can answer your questions and provide information about the impacts of crime and the kinds of things that may help you to recover. More information about Victim Services can be found on the Victim Support website and in this short video.

Victim Support ACT’s Court Support Program is delivered by highly skilled, trained volunteers who give their time to help victims of crime navigate the court system. Court Support volunteers provide practical information and assistance to individuals attending the ACT Magistrates Court and the ACT Supreme Court.

The Financial Assistance Scheme for Victims of Crime has been part of Victim Support ACT since July 2016. The scheme is designed to assist victims of violent crimes to recover and acknowledge the harmful effects of violence. We can arrange help for people who want to make an application for financial assistance. More information and the application forms can be found on the Victim Support website.

Heidi Yates is the ACT Victims of Crime Commissioner. Her role is to promote the rights of people who experience crime and make sure they can access the support they need.

If we can help you in any way, please contact Victim Support ACT.
Phone 02 6205 2222 or email