May 2020 – HRC submission to the Select Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic response (PDF) (Link to external site)

April 2020 – HRC submission – Review of Mental Health (Secure Facilities) ACT 2016 (PDF 203KB) (Word 94KB)

February 2020 – HRC submission – Inquiry in the form of an evaluation of current ACT Policing arrangements (PDF) (Link to external site)

February 2020 – HRC submission to CAG Age of Criminal Responsibility Working Group Review (PDF) (Word)

January 2020 – HRC submission -Inquiry into Human Rights (Workers Rights) Amendment Bill 2019 (PDF) (Link to external site)

January 2020 – HRC Submission to public consultation on second exposure draft of Religious Discrimination Bill (Cth) (PDF) (Word)

January 2020 – HRC Submission to Discussion Paper on ‘A proposed response to elder abuse in the ACT’ (PDF) (Word)


November 2019 – HRC Submission to Free and Equal: An Australian conversation on human rights (PDF) (Word)

November 2019 – HRC Submission to Review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act (PDF) (Word)

October 2019 – HRC submission – Independent review of legislative provisions designed to target organised criminal activity (PDF) (Word)

October 2019 – HRC submission – Inquiry into Child and Youth Protection Services – Part Two – Information Sharing under the Care and Protection System (PDF) (Word)

October 2019 – Submission to public consultation on Commonwealth Religious Freedom Bills (PDF) (Word)

June 2019 – Submission to Review of Child Protection Decisions in the ACT (PDF 694KB) (Word 200KB)

June 2019 – Submission to the Review of Mental Health Orders and Forensic Mental Health Orders under the Mental Health Act 2015 (PDF 376 KB) (Word 99KB)

March 2019 – Submission to exposure draft of the Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 (PDF 424KB), (Word 86KB)

March 2019 – Submission to the Discussion Paper ‘Dispensing with Consent’ (PDF 749KB), (Word 118KB)


February 2018 – HRC submission to the Expert Panel on the Religious Freedom Review (PDF) (WORD)

May 2018 – Legislative Assembly Review of Standing Orders: HRC Submission (PDF) (link to external site)

April 2018 – Legislative Assembly Select Committee on End of Life Choices: HRC Submission (PDF) (link to external site)

September 2018 – Legislative Assembly Inquiry into an Independent Integrity Commission 2018 (link to external site)


September 2017 – Restorative Cities: HRC Response to the ACT Law Reform Council’s Issues Paper

October 2017 – HRC Submission DFV Inquiry October 2017 (PDF) (Word)

October 2017 – HRC response_Drug and Alcohol Court Consultation Paper (PDF) (WORD)

September 2017 – HRC response_LRAC Restorative Cities Issues Paper (PDF) (Word)

July 2017 – Submission : How the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture Should be Implemented in the ACT

July 2017 – Getting it wrong on rights

July 2017 – Submission: HRC response_AHRC OPCAT Consultation Paper (PDF) (Word)


June 2016 – Submission to JACS Directorate Consorting Laws Discussion Paper


October 2015 – Priceless: The Right to Education

August 2015 – Submission on Exposure Draft: Health (Patient Privacy) Amendment Bill 2015 (PDF) , (Word)

July 2015 – Submission to ACT Law Reform Advisory Council Reform of guardianship arrangements for adult people

June 2015 – Amicus Submission: Wang v ACT Health

May 2015 – Submission to Consultation paper about the proposal for a National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguarding framework

March 2015 – Secure Mental Health Unit Model of Care


May 2014 – Proposed Amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975