Human rights audits

The Human Rights Commissioner’s role is to review the effect of Territory laws on human rights and report in writing to the Attorney-General. The Commission also advises the Attorney-General on anything relevant to the operation of the Acts.

The Commission has completed four human rights audits. Please contact us for printed copies of these or alternative formats:

  1. Treatment of Women (PDF 2MB)  at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (DOC 8MB version), tabled 15 May 2014.
    A copy of the ACT Government’s response is on the Justice Directorate’s website here.
  2. Bimberi Youth Justice Centre (as part of the Commission’s Review of the ACT Youth Justice System 2011).Bimberi Review – Full Report (PDF 11MB)
  3. Operation of ACT Correctional Facilities under Corrections Legislation (DOC 1MB, PDF 1MB), 21 August 2007.
  4. The Human Rights Audit of Quamby Youth Detention Centre, 30 June 2005