Achieving the Rights Outcome7

Role of the Commission

The Commission plays an important role to help advocates and local communities in the ACT understand and assert their rights.

The Commission also acts as a strong advocate for human rights.

As part of our role under the HRA, we intervene in court and tribunal proceedings that raise questions about human rights.


Please contact the Commission to discuss your training needs. We also have free e-learning software available on our website on the ACT Human Rights Act.

Links to More information

Obtaining Legal Advice

A list of private firms is available from the ACT Law Society: 

In addition, a number of free legal services are available including:

·         Legal Aid

·         Community Legal Centres

Information on both are available on the ACTLAF website:

External and Independent Agencies

  • The ACT Human Rights Commission provides processes for dealing with complaints about discrimination, health services, and services for people with a disability and their carers, for older people and for children and young people and their carers.
  • The ACT Ombudsman can handle complaints again ACT Government organisations also:
  • The ACT Public Advocate provides a professional, quality, responsive and proactive service to people who, because they are suffering from a condition, they are not able to pursue or protect their own interests. 

Factsheets on individual rights and further information on HR Advocacy

ACT Human Rights Commission:

British Institute for Human Rights:

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission:

Australian Human Rights Commission:

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