Advice to ACT MLAs

Advice under the 10th Parliamentary Agreement


May 2021 – Advice to Ms Elizabeth Lee MLA about the about the Crimes (Family Violence) Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 (PDF 236 kb)

Advice under the Ninth Parliamentary Agreement


November 2019 – Advice to Ms Bec Cody on Human Rights (Workers Rights) Amendment Bill 2019 PDF (Word Version)

February 2019 – Advice to Mr Jeremy Hanson MLA on Crimes (Anti-Consorting) Amendment Bill 2019 PDF   (Word Version)


March 2018 – Submission to ACT Greens exposure draft Crimes Consent Amendment Bill 2018 PDF  (Word Version)


September 2017 – Submission on Exposure Draft: Crimes (Criminal Organisation Control) Bill 2017 PDF

September 2017 – Advice to Mr Alistair Coe MLA on the rights of public servants in relation to participation of the ACT Government in the campaign for marriage equality PDF

June 2017 – Submission on Exposure Draft: Crimes (Invasion of Privacy) Amendment Bill 2017 PDF

May 2017 – Submission on Exposure Draft: Crimes (Revenge Porn) Amendment Bill 2017 PDF

Advice prior to the Ninth Parliamentary Agreement


November 2015 – Submission to Minister Gentleman on Certificate of Capacity for Work (.pdf version) (.doc version)

August 2015 – HRC submission exposure draft Health Patient Privacy Amendment Bill.pdf