Services & Support

The Public Advocate supports children, young people and adults experiencing vulnerability. We provide a range of services that focus on upholding a person’s human rights, and maximising their autonomy and dignity of choice.

Our goal is to facilitate improved and sustainable outcomes, and promote the protection of children, young people and adults experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Our work involves:

Individual Advocacy

By supporting people to exercise their rights through: voicing concerns; accessing information; resolving issues; and identifying available options.
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Systemic Advocacy

As a means by which to encourage and foster the development, provision and reform of policies, programs, services, and facilities.
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Monitoring and Oversight

We oversee and monitor systems to promote the rights and freedom of persons experiencing vulnerability, and encourage transparent and accountable decision-making practices.
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We can represent you or someone you care about if you/they:

  • live with a physical, mental health or intellectual condition that may result in the need for protection from abuse, neglect or exploitation, or where there is a serious threat to their wellbeing
  • are a child or young person in need of protection from abuse, neglect or exploitation
  • are an adult with impaired decision making capacity (arising from, for example, an intellectual or cognitive disability, mental illness, etc) who may require assistance with decision-making or giving consent
  • are an adult already subject to a guardianship order
  • are a child, young person or adult at risk, who has complex and challenging service provision needs.