Public Advocate and Children and Young People Commissioner

Jodie Griffiths Cook

Ms Jodie Griffiths-Cook is the Public Advocate and Children and Young People Commissioner (PACYPC).

On 1 April 2016, the offices of the Public Advocate (PA) and the Children and Young People Commissioner (CYPC) were brought together as part of the restructured ACT Human Rights Commission. Broadly these two independent statutory roles hold legislative responsibility for protecting and promoting the rights and interests of people in the ACT who are experiencing vulnerability, including by consulting with children and young people in ways that promote their participation in decision-making.

While the role of Children and Young People Commissioner is obviously a targeted one with a focus on ensuring that relevant stakeholders seek, listen to and seriously consider the views of children and young people, the role of Public Advocate extends to all persons within the ACT whose situation or condition gives rise to a need for protection from abuse, exploitation or neglect, or a combination of those things.

The responsibilities of the PACYPC are underpinned by a range of functions including advocacy (individual and systemic), representation, investigation and monitoring. Some of these functions are specific to children and young people and others encompass people with complex disability needs, including those with mental health conditions and/or forensic patients.

Overarching these functions is a strong focus on ensuring that the PACYPC’s monitoring and oversight functions (and the recommendations that we make to government and non-government agencies on legislation, policies, and practices) contribute to improvements in the accessibility, responsiveness and quality of supports and services that are available for persons experiencing vulnerability.

The PACYPC is also a member of the Australia and New Zealand Children’s Commissioners and Guardians (ANZCCG) and the Australian Guardianship and Administration Council (AGAC).

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