New guide explores 20-year impact of human rights legislation

12 May 2023

A new collection of human rights case summaries shows how the ACT’s Human Rights Act has helped hold authorities and the government to account, and has fostered a more inclusive and respectful Canberra over the past 20 years.

The collection shows the use of human rights principles in cases examining issues such as housing, health care, discrimination, conditions for prisoners and Aboriginal cultural rights.

Human Rights Commissioner Dr Helen Watchirs launched the collection when she delivered the 2023 Blackburn Lecture during Law Week. “These are real stories of human rights being brought home to peoples’ lives,” Dr Watchirs said.

“They show that the Human Rights Act has helped hold the Government and authorities to account, and has helped protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of people living in Canberra.”

ACT Law Society President Farzana Choudhury (left) and Dr Helen Watchirs at the 2023 Blackburn lecture.