Further advocacy resources

Other useful materials and resources that may be of assistance in monitoring the human impacts of COVID-19 and related preventive measures include:

COVID-19 and the Law of Australia (regularly updated online textbook by Emrys Nekvapil, Maya Narayan and Stephanie Brenker providing succinct, timely and accurate information about the interaction of COVID-19 and the law of Australia).

COVID-19 Law Monitor Project (project by Grata Fund and Hall & Wilcox to track legislation, determinations/orders and emergency powers that have been introduced, amended and rolled back across Australia during COVID-19)

COVID-19 & Public Law (special series of articles by contributors to the Australian Public Law blog, which is supported by the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law)

On Guard (resource portal for materials about COVID-19 and human rights interactions developed by the Australian Human Rights Institute)

A timeline of COVID 19 and Human Rights: Derogations in time of public emergency (Contribution to Griffith University News by Professor Sarah Joseph about international derogations of rights during COVID-19)