Fathering across cultures meets gap for migrant dads

ACT Victim Services cultural liaison officer, Zouheir Dalati, is one of 10 people on an expert panel for the new Fathering Across Cultures resource. Fathering Across Cultures includes a website with a guide for service providers, and an app for fathers with children under five years of age.

The resources are designed to help fathers from migrant and refugee backgrounds better understand family violence, the law and their role as parents and partners.

“There is a huge gap in terms of services for migrant fathers,” Mr Dalati said.

“When you come here as a migrant you lose all your social capital – you might lose your family, friends, contacts, your language and culture.

“If you combine that with limited English, limited skills and then the stresses of raising children in a new culture, there are many challenges to being a migrant and a father in Australia.”

The project is part of the national plan to reduce violence against women and their children 2010-2022.