The ACT Discrimination Act protects people from being victimised by being subjected to a detriment because they have taken discrimination action including making a  complaint asserting any rights a person has under the Act, giving information to support a discrimination complaint or a criminal investigation into serious vilification (covered under section 750 of the Criminal Code), beginning a proceeding in the ACAT under the Act, or giving evidence to ACAT in relation to an alleged breach of the Act.

A detriment could be retribution of some sort such as making a complaint against you in retaliation, dismissing you, demoting or suspending you, breaching your privacy by  publishing information about you or about a complaint you have made without your consent, withdrawing a service from you because of a complaint.

When the Commission gets a complaint we talk to the complainant and respondent about the complaint and about victimisation to ensure people are aware that they are protected from victimisation because they have provided information to the Commission or made a complaint to the Commission.