Disability Services

The Commission is able to consider complaints about services for people with a disability or their carers in the ACT. These services include:

  • Provision of personal care or home help
  • Respite care
  • Accommodation & housing services
  • Employment services & employment support
  • Education, training and skill development
  • Recreation and social activities
  • Service coordination, case management and advocacy

This includes individuals or organisations providing services to people with wide range of disabilities including physical disability, an intellectual disability, a psychiatric disability, and/or a sensory disability.

If you have difficulty or concerns about making a complaint you can contact us by phone or email and we can help you write the complaint down. The complaint process is accessible, informal and free but we can also help by referring you for advocacy or legal advice if that would assist you to make your complaint.

The Commission generally tries to resolve complaints informally and where appropriate through conciliation. For more information about conciliation see our conciliation FAQ.