Court support & assistance for victims of crime

Every year, we help thousands of people who have been affected by crime. If you have been affected by a crime in the ACT you can contact Victim Support ACT (VSACT) on 1800 822 272 or 6025 2222.

We can help with:

  • information and support about what to expect with the justice system. We can explain what will happen if you report to police and attend with you if you choose to report to police
  • court support – we can attend court with you to provide support during criminal trials as well as applications for Protection Orders
  • advocacy – we can advocate to ensure your rights in the justice system, under the Charter of Victims’ Rights are upheld. We can support you if you are concerned your rights are not being upheld
  • counselling and other therapeutic supports to help you recover from the effects of crime
  • financial assistance – you can apply for financial help to pay for urgent expenses, personal security or emergency medical costs. You may be also be eligible for a recognition payment which recognises the harm caused by a violent crime.

Whether something happened to you yesterday or a long time ago, whether you have reported to police or not, you can talk to us. Get in touch by calling 1800 822 272 or 6025 2222. (Information on our Christmas 2022 shutdown is available here.)