Courts administrative officers

The court’s administrative officers are the people who work in the Magistrates and Supreme Courts, but do not include the Magistrate or Judge who is deciding the case. Court administrative officers must treat you with respect and help you to participate in court processes.


The court’s administrative officers must provide any assistance or adjustment you might need to participate in the justice process. For example, an accessibility aid if you have a disability, or a translator if you speak a language other than English.

Violence and harassment

If you are concerned about experiencing violence or harassment from the offender or their family or friends when in Court, you can tell the court staff. If you do, they must minimise your exposure to that person or people while you are in the Court building.

If you think that the court’s administrative officers have not respected your rights as a victim of crime, you should call the ACT Human Rights Commission on (02) 6205 2222.

There are some exceptions to these rights, but our team can talk to you about your particular situation and help you to decide if you should make a victims rights complaint. 

You can find more information about the particular rights that the court’s administrative officers must respect on the Victims Support ACT website: or in the Victims of Crime Act 1994 (ACT)