ACT Policing

After you have reported a crime to the Police, you have the right to be treated respectfully, to be provided support, and to be kept informed about the progress of the case. 

Information and updates

You have the right to ask the Police about the status of your report or their investigation. If you do, the Police must give you information and updates about what they are doing and the decisions they are making.

Protection from violence and harassment

If you have reported a crime to the Police, and you think that you may need to be protected from violence or harassment by the person or people you made the report about, you can tell the Police. They must tell the Court your concerns when the Court is considering whether to grant the person bail, and must tell you if the person is released on bail.

Dealing with your property

If the Police took some of your property for their investigation, they must take care of it and give it back to you when they no longer need it.

If you think that the Police have not respected your rights as a victim of crime, you should call the ACT Human Rights Commission on (02) 6205 2222.

There are some exceptions to these rights, but our team can talk to you about your particular situation and help you to understand whether your rights have been properly respected. If they haven’t, we can assist you to make a complaint.

You can find more information about the particular rights that the Police must respect on the Victims Support ACT website: or in the Victims of Crime Act 1994 (ACT):