Commission welcomes ongoing Board of Inquiry into the criminal justice system

16 May 2023

The ACT Human Rights Commission welcomes the current Board of Inquiry into several justice agencies involved in the matter of R v Lehrmann.

The Commission values highly the essential work that Victims of Crime Commissioner Heidi Yates continues to do, providing support, advocacy and assistance to victims of crime in the ACT.

Under Commissioner Yates’ leadership, Victim Support ACT (VSACT) has helped more Canberrans than ever, with demand for VSACT’s support, advocacy and financial assistance services growing every year for the past four years.

About VSACT’s court support program

The court support program is one of VSACT’s core services and has been operating for many years.  

The court support program can provide support from the time a person (complainant) reports to police, through to attending meetings with prosecutors and at various points in court and post-sentence procedures.

Any victim of crime in the ACT may request court support at any time during their interaction with criminal justice agencies.

Services similar to VSACT operate in every state and territory around Australia, and are also designed to help people deal with the impacts of crime and challenges associated with a victim’s involvement in the justice system.

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