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“It really stabs me”: From resignation to resilience – children and young people’s experiences of racism in the ACT

In 2022, the CYPC partnered with Curijo and Multicultural Hub Canberra to conduct a year-long consultation with children and young people about their views on and experiences of racism in the ACT. We asked what can be done to stop it and how we can better support children and young people who experience it or witness it. This report presents the findings of the consultation.

Working together to stop racism in the ACT

This is a child friendly report from the 2022 consultation on racism. It presents some of the findings and recommendations, as well as aiming to prompt conversation and reflection. 

Listening to children and accepting how they feel 2022

This publication presents the findings of a consultation with children about their wellbeing. A powerful and visual presentation of their needs and their resilience. 

Consultation and Engagement with Children and Young People: Statement of Ethical Practice

The Children and Young People Commissioner aims to work towards, and lead, best practices when it comes to working with children and young people. As such we work to a set of practice guidelines that are intended to guide our work and provide guidance to others wanting to consult with children and young people.

What we promise when you share your thoughts with us

The child friendly version of the Statement is intended to support informed consent processes with primary-aged children. 



The Children and Young People Commissioner makes submissions to the Government on issues that are relevant to children and young people in the ACT. Some of the most recent submissions are listed below.

ANZCCG Communications

The PACYPC is a member of the Australia and New Zealand Children’s Commissioners and Guardians (ANZCCG) who meet twice yearly, in May and November. The following is a list of meeting communiques and joint publications and submissions of the ANZCCG.

Publications and submissions

Meeting communiques