Covid info for kids

Picture of three children, in surgical masks, sitting on steps. All three have their hands up ready to answer a question.

During the height of the COVID pandemic there was lots of information about COVID, testing, vaccinations and lockdowns. But it was hard to find anything just for kids that explains the things that you want to know. That’s why we created this page during the lockdown in 2021. It is especially for children!

The way we live with COVID has changed, but we have kept this information here because it is part of our recent history and might be helpful as we continue to manage COVID. 

Lockdown Legacies: Artworks

Lockdown Legacies: Artworks from Children and Young People

In 2021 Jodie Griffiths-Cook, the ACT Children and Young People Commissioner, ran an art competition to give children and young people the opportunity to express their feelings and reactions to Covid and lockdown.

The book and video gallery present the artworks, stop motion videos and quotes by children and young people in the ACT reflecting on their lockdown experiences.

Their lockdown legacies represent an important part of ACT history.

Image of the front cover of the Lockdown Legacies art book            Image to click on to view the Lockdown Legacies art competition video entries on Youtube.

Lockdown Legacies Book                        Lockdown Legacies Video Gallery

Video messages from Jodie

Video messages from Jodie

During the lockdowns in the ACT Jodie regularly recorded video messages just for children. You can watch some of the videos here. 

What RATs? A video explaining Rapid Antigen Testing

Getting a Covid vaccination? A video just for children

Nervous about going back to school? A video about returning to school after lockdown.

Jodie talks to children about ACT’s lockdown being extended. A video for children. 

ockdown Legacies Art Competition

Young Thinkers

During the pandemic we heard from you, ACT’s children and young people, in a variety of ways. One of those was through the Young Thinker Forum You can read what children and young people in the ACT told us here.

Image to click on to read an article from the Young Thinker Forum Covid and children with a disability PDF

Cover page of Young Thinker Forum report about children's experiences during Canberra's lockdown in 2021  What we heard in 2020

Boredom Busters

Boredom Busters

We heard from a lot of children who were getting bored during lockdown so we created some resources to help. There are lots of activities for different age groups that are still good for those days when you need a little bit of help to find something to do!

Boredom Busters PDF           


Lock it Down: A lockdown newsletter for children 

Our Lock It Down! newsletter was created to support you during the long Canberra lockdowns. Each week we posted a new edition that was full of accurate information and had lots of fun activities to try. We’ve put all 16 editions into one document so you can explore all of the topics and activities in one place. If you like it, check out our new Rights in ACTion newsletter too. 

Lock it Down Newsletters 2021 PDF