Child Safe Organisations

The Public Advocate and Children and Young People Commissioner is committed to promoting and pursuing a child-safe, child friendly Canberra in which the rights, protection and participation of children and young people are key priorities.

Becoming a Child-Safe, Child-Friendly city involves recognising children and young people as valued members of the community, respecting their thoughts and opinions and ensuring opportunities for them to participate in decisions that affect their lives. Equally it involves ensuring their rights are upheld and that children and young people are appropriately protected.

Protecting children and young people and promoting their rights and safety is everyone’s business. It is a national priority that requires a national solution. Everyone – all levels of governments, private and non-for profit organisations, communities, families and individuals – has a role to play to better safeguard children and young people in organisations, and in the broader community. Child-related organisations must have children and young people’s safety and their rights at the foundation of their organisation’s operation and purpose.

To assist in achieving the goal of a Child-Safe, Child Friendly Canberra, the Public Advocate and Children and Young People Commissioner will progressively develop information resources to support organisations seeking to improve their development as a child-safe, child-friendly organisation.

Child-Safe, Child Friendly Canberra – Information Resource 1

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