What will happen to what you send us?

Telling us what you think will help us understand what is important to children and young people in the ACT. We will use this in our work in many ways.

  • It can help us decide our next Young Thinker topic or what projects we should do.
  • We can use it in our advocacy work and to help us tell people in power about what children and young people think and what policies and programs they need.
  • We can include what children and young people tell us it in our reports and speeches.

We will treat what you send us carefully and follow the Information Privacy Act (2014), the Human Rights Commission Act 2005 and the Children and Young People Act 2008. This means that the personal information you provide to us will be kept private and will generally not be passed on to another person or organisation unless you agree or a law requires us to. You can find more information about your privacy rights and our legal responsibilities, including how you can see what information we have about you and complain if we don’t use it in the right ways.