Will you share what I send you or use my name?

We would like to share what you say, but we will only do this with your permission. We will also need you to tell us how we can contact you if we need to. We don’t think we will need to do this very often but there are some things that we may need to ask you about directly. For example, if you send us an artwork, we may need to contact you to check you are happy for us to display your artwork or take photos of it.

If you give us permission to share what you send us, we will not use your name if you don’t want us to.

We might use your words in an opinion piece and promote this via email and social media. View a previous Young Thinker opinion piece about having their own voice for an example.

If you do an artwork, we might display it on our website or send it (or photos of it) out using email and social media. It would help if you also send in a short statement about your artwork and what it means to you.

If you send through an audio or video recording, and it doesn’t identify you or anyone else in the recording, we may upload it to our website or send it out using emails and social media.

We may use quotes or images you send us in our reports, speeches and submissions to government.

If we publish your material on our website, or send it out using email or social media, then other people might link or share this material.