Young Thinker Forum: What we’ve heard

When we have permission to share what we heard from children and young people we do so in a variety of ways. One of those is to publish newsletters that capture multiple submissions, as well as by posting individual submissions on this page. Both are the direct voices of the children and young people who chose to participate in the proposed topic or wanted to share their experiences and thoughts about an issue that is important to them.

Message from Jodie: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our participants! I appreciate what it means to share your stories and the time and effort each of your entries have required.


Stress in Australian students caused by schoolwork (PDF)

Youth mental health (link to YouTube)

Say NO! to racial discrimination (PDF)

The risk of an online presence on children and young people (PDF)

Gender equality of young women (PDF)


Racism in the ACT (PDF)

Diversity and inclusion in schools: Avoiding tokenism (PDF)


Impact of Social media and internet access on children and young people (PDF)

Lockdown Legacies: Artwork from children and young people in the ACT reflecting on lockdown (PDF)

Lockdown Legacies: video gallery (link to YouTube)

Covid-19 and children with a disability (PDF)


Experience of covid-19 (5mb Powerpoint)

Youth should have their own voice, not be spoken for (PDF)