Young Thinker Forum

As the ACT Children and Young People Commissioner, part of my job is to make things better for children and young people in the ACT. I’m really interested in hearing directly from children and young people, and not just from the adults who work with them.

That’s why  we have the Young Thinker forum.

Young Thinker Forum Topic

If you are a child or young person under 25 years old, tell me what you think about the topic below, or about a different community or social issue that you feel strongly about.

Current topic

What do you wish adults knew about life after lockdown?

  • How do you feel about being back at school or work?
  • What are you enjoying now, that you missed while locked down?
  • Is there anything about lockdown that you are missing now?
  • Is there anything that really helped you during lockdown or something that has helped you now that it has finished?
  • Is there help that you wish was available?

Write to us or create an artwork or cartoon, submit video or audio, or send us a poem or song. You can do this on your own or with your friends. Have your say in your way.

Enter via the form below or email us at

What will happen to what you send us?
Will you share what I send you or use my name?
Do you need help with more personal concerns?
Young Thinker Newsletter

The Young Thinker Rules

  1. You must be under 25 years old.
  2. You must live, go to school/university, or work in the ACT.
  3. If you want what you send us to be shared, then we need your permission. Your name will only be shared or published if you tell us you want it to be.
  4. You have the right to be recognised as the person who created your work. In some circumstances, we may need to contact you to check what you would like us to do to uphold your rights.
  5. If you are under 12 years old, you need the permission of a parent or guardian to send us material. (Your parent or guardian doesn’t have to agree with what you say though.)
  6. We will not share your material if it could harm, hurt or offend other people, or if it discriminates against people.
  7. If you send through a video recording, we will not share the video if you or anyone else can be recognised in the recording. For example, if it shows your face or the faces of others.
  8. If we have concerns or worries about your safety or wellbeing, or someone else’s safety or wellbeing, we may have to share your information.

We will treat what you send us carefully and follow the Information Privacy Act (2014), the Human Rights Commission Act 2005 and the Children and Young People Act 2008. This means that the personal information you provide to us will be kept private and will generally not be passed on to another person or organisation unless you agree or a law requires us to. You can find more information about your privacy rights and our legal responsibilities, including how you can see what information we have about you and complain if we don’t use it in the right ways.

Entering the Young Thinker forum


Complete the Young Thinker online entry form.


Mail it to us at GPO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601 along with the consent form.