MEDIA RELEASE: Report Vilification & Discrimination in Marriage Equality Debate

“The ACT Human Rights Commission is aware of concerns about how the tone of the debate on marriage equality may affect people within our community in coming months,” President and ACT Human Rights Commissioner Dr Helen Watchirs said today.

“Now the High Court of Australia has decided the survey will proceed, we hope the marriage equality discussion will be civil and free from discrimination and vilification.

“Equality for all and freedom from discrimination are fundamental human rights, as is the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion,” Dr Watchirs said.

The ACT Discrimination Act provides explicit protection from vilification and discrimination on grounds of sexuality and religious conviction in areas of public life such as employment and the provision of services.

“Any concerns about discrimination or vilification people experience as a result of debate on the survey should be brought to the Commission,” Dr Watchirs said.

People can contact the ACT Human Rights Commission on 6205 2222 or email:

Media contact: Deborah Nesbitt, 6205 8661 / 0451 682008

8 September 2017   (PDF 8 9 17 MR Report Vilification and Discrimination In Marriage Equality Debate)