FOI: Documents Relied Upon (section 8 notice)

Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (FOI Act) requires agencies to compile and update annually a list of documents that are provided by the agency for the use of, or are used by, the agency or its officers in making decisions or recommendations for the purposes of an enactment or scheme administered by the agency, with respect to rights, privileges or benefits, or to obligations, penalties or other detriments, to which persons are or may be entitled or subject.

This statement has been compiled for the ACT Human Rights Commission in accordance with section 8 of the FOI Act.

Inquiries regarding copies or inspection of documents should be directed to:

ACT Human Rights Commission

GPO Box 158

Canberra ACT 2601

Telephone: (02) 6205 2222

Fax: (02) 6207 1034


Document/s Link/s

(if available online)

Human Rights Commission                    
ACT Human Rights Commission Client Service Charter 2016-2019 Home About ACT Human Rights Commission Client Services Charter 2016-2019
ACT Human Rights Commission Client Service Policy 2015-2017  Available on request
A Guide to the Commissioner’s Power to Intervene in Court Proceedings Under the Human Rights Act 2004


Guide to the Consideration of Discrimination Complaints Under the Human Rights Commission Act 2005


ACT Human Right Commission Strategic Plan 2017-2020
Victim Support
Information for Approved Providers:

*Handbook for Approved Service Providers (2011-2014)

*Provider initial referral letter and pack (2013)

*Authorised exception provider letter and pack 2016.

We Don’t Shoot Our Wounded – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victims of Family Violence (Full report and community report 2009)


VSACT Policies & Procedures:

1. Initial Intake, Assessment and Registration of VS ACT Client SOP

2. Clients Rights and Responsibilities

3. Concerns andComplaints regarding Non-compliance with Governing Principals SOP

4.  Case Management Policy

5. Case Management SOP

6. Guiding Principles for Documentation and Record keeping

7.  Exceptional Case SOP

8.  Referral to Approved Panel Service Providers under the VSS Levels of Service

9.. Court Support Policy and SOP



Available on request
Memorandum of Understanding between Australian Federal Police and Victims of Crime Commissioner – relating to victims of crime in the ACT (2013)
Memorandum of Understanding between Victim Support ACT and Relationships Australia Canberra and Region (2011)
Memorandum of Understanding between Victim Support ACT and Domestic Violence Crisis Service  (2014)


Victims of Crime (Financial Assistance)(Recovery from Offenders) Guideline 2016 (No 1)
Victims of Crime (Financial Assistance)(Appropriately Qualified non-government agencies) Guideline 2016 (No 1)
Assessment Tools (currently being drafted)