Brochures and Posters

Please note, education and publications relating to human rights are here.

General Information on Discrimination

Picture of anti-discrimination brochure, with HRC logo, and picture of people linking hands Introductory brochure – Have you been treated unfairly?  Download PDF

PBTR-thumbnailPlay by the Rules – a brochure for sporting groups. The Play by the Rules website has more information in html form. Download PDF

wallet-tb‘Rights and Responsibilities when Interacting with Police and Security Guards’ – Download Wallet-sized card PDF.

Information on Specific Protection

Cover of Disability Discrimination brochure featuring two women using sign languageDisability – discrimination protection including reasonable adjustment. Download PDF

Picture of brochure cover on breastfeeding in public including picture of baby breastfeedingBreastfeeding – your rights to breastfeed in public explained. Download PDF

Pregnancy Discrimination Brochure Cover Pregnancy – your rights explained. Download PDF

Age Discrimination Brochure cover featuring a picture of a group of people around a computer screenAge Discrimination– your rights explained . Download PDF

Picture of cover of Parent or Carer discrimination brohure, with photos of a man holding a small boy above his head and a mother and daughter doing homeworkParent or Carer Discrimination– your rights explained. Download PDF

Front cover of race discrimination brochure including picture of a number of men with different skin coloursGeneral Race DiscriminationDownload PDF

Photo of front of race discrimination brochure featuring Aboriginal artwork of a snakeInformation on Race Discrimination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PeopleDownload PDF
Photo of front of Sexual Harassment brochure with woman whispering to manSexual Harassment – your rights explained. Download PDF
Picture of front of gender identity brochure with an image of a jigsaw puzzleGender Identity – discrimination and vilification protection. Download PDF


Information on sexual harassment and a woman asking a man to stop Poster featuring a boy blowing bubbles, two people signing and a woman in a wheelchair putting a book away A cartoon image of a woman whispering to a manPoster statying that you can't discrimination because of skin colour. The law says so in black and white

Details of our Diversity Goes With the Territory material is available at the DiversityGoesWith website.