Reviewing Issues of Systemic Concern

One of the key functions of the CYPC is to review legislation, policies, and practices affecting children and young people.

In doing so, the CYPC aims to:

  • Provide advice to government and community agencies about how to improve service delivery for children and young people;
  • Remind agencies about their legislative and policy obligations with respect to children and young people, including their obligation to consult with children and young people;
  • Promote the rights of children and young people;
  • Provide a voice for children and young people; and
  • Ensure that the impact of all existing and new policies and programs are considered from the perspective of what do children and young people think?

The CYPC maintains a register of sytemic concerns, with issues on the register drawn from:

  • Complaints and complaint related enquiries received by the CYPC;
  • Issues brought to the attention of the CYPC by agencies and individuals;
  • Issues of national or international concern; and
  • Contemporary research findings.

Issues on the register are reviewed as resources and priorities permit.

The CYPC meets regularly with executive staff from a number of government agencies, most notably CSD and ETD, to discuss a range of issues, and is also approached formally and informally by other government and community agencies to provide advice or assistance in relation to service provision for children and young people.

The CYPC also works closely with the Australian Children Commissioners and Guardians (ACCG) group – the network of children and young people Commissioners and Guardians from each Australian State and Territory – to progress a range of national initiatives. Click here for more information about other Australian Children Commissioners and Guardians.