Resolving Complaints & Concerns

If you have a complaint or concern about a service for a child or young person, the CYPC might be able to help you.

You can complain about a service for a child or young person if the service:

  • Didn’t comply with guidelines.
  • Didn’t meet appropriate standards of care.
  • Impacted badly on a child or young person.
  • Didn’t comply with law.

You can also complain if a particular service for a child or young person isn’t available, and you think it should be.

If you are unsure if you can make a complaint, just call the CYPC to talk about it. You can do this without giving your name.

Before you make a complaint to the CYPC, you should talk with the agency or person that you are unhappy with to try and fix things yourself. The CYPC can talk with you about the best way to do this.

If talking with the agency or person doesn’t work, or you don’t feel that you are able to do this, then you should contact the CYPC to talk about your options – including making a formal complaint to the CYPC.

Additionally, if your complaint is about Care & Protection Services within the Community Services Directorate (CSD), the CYPC will, in the first instance, refer you back to the Office for Children, Youth and Family Support Complaints Unit within CSD for your complaint to be handled by them. The Complaints Unit can be contacted on 62075294, or at

Anyone can call the CYPC with a complaint or concern, however it is easier for us to look into your complaint if you are the child or young person who received the service, or a parent or carer of the child or young person.

Complaints have to be in writing, but we can help you with this.

If you decide to lodge a complaint, we will take your complaint seriously, and we will listen to your views. We will also talk with you about what you can expect to happen, and will keep you up-to-date on any decisions we make.

We will deal with your complaint as quickly as possible, and you can contact us at anytime to find out where your complaint is up to.

Making a complaint is free.

Click here if you would like to download the CYPC Complaint Form, or just call or email the CYPC and we can post one to you.