Consulting with Children & Young People

The CYPC believes it is important for children and young people to be able to have their say on issues that affect them.

This view is supported by a number of ACT Government policy commitments.

For example, one of the key goals of the ACT Young People’s Plan 2009-2014 is to ‘encourage and support young people to participate in building our community’, with the Plan also ‘ensuring that young people have a say about issues that affect them’.

The ACT Children and Young People’s Commitment 2015-2025 outlines the Government’s commitment to all children and young people (0-25 years) across the ACT having “the opportunity to reach their potential, make a contribution, participate in decision-making and share the benefits of our community.” The Principles include “Children and young people have a right to have a say in decisions that affect them and to have their opinions valued and taken into account”. This is supported as one of the six priority areas in the Commitment.

The ACT Government’s guide to community engagement, Engaging Canberrans, notes that ‘consulting with children and young people will help you to: make more effective law and policy; deliver more effective programs; save money and time; and act in the best interests of children and young people’.

The involvement of children and young people in decision making is also supported by ACT and International law.

Specifically, Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states that children and young people should be consulted on issues which affect them, and that their views should be seriously considered.

More importantly, however, the CYPC consults with children and young people because of the strong belief that children and young people know the most about what is important to them, and that it is children and young people who frequently have the best ideas, the newest ideas, about how to change things and make things better for children and young people.

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